Biography of Sensofine Inc.

Sensofine Inc. is a startup company at the Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ). The startup mainly focuses on providing non-invasive solutions to monitor the health conditions of a human. The company intends to offer a self-power wearable device platform to be able to monitor health parameters. The team of experts has gathered to fulfill the requirement of this big picture to conquer the future. To do so, Sensofine Inc. is connected to the following collaborators to boost the process and broaden the work.

Our Mission

Sensofine Inc. strives to perform a significant role in the prevention and management of diabetes conditions. Our company aims to deliver a device to our clients that will allow the transmittance of data to the users and even their healthcare professionals within a Smartphone App. The technology and applications of our device will monitor and track blood-glucose levels to detect and manage important trends that impact the user’s health. Throughout many years of research, our goal is to provide easy medical monitoring for our patients, as it provides substantial savings for patients while helping reduce future health complications.

Our Values

At Sensofine Inc., we take pride in supporting our users and partners. We believe in promoting a clean environment by helping our users to maximize their health through validated technologies and positive lifestyle changes. Our products were fabricated carefully to align with our values of the harvesting and storing of energy. Most importantly, we value our customers and their feedback. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Sensofine Inc.’s products, please feel free to contact us.

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